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You are all urban psychic soldiers.

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Thanks to the amazing cognitive reminding abilities of Mr. LeFeuvre, I joined in the psychic battle currently warring over at Psychoportals.com. Unlike some current marketing games (god forbid it is an actual authorized, Microsoft sanctioned publicity stunt for the Xbox...

Data Destruction Tour Remarks

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This has been a long time coming, but hopefully this write-up will make all those souls that skipped the tour regret their lazy actions!

Or just download some tracks from the respective artists. Either/or is fine by me.

Data Destruction Tour images up

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The curious can check out images and snapshots taken one week ago at the Data Destruction show in Chicago's very own Bottom Lounge. Check out the grainy, low-light images! The advent of this gallery script should provide a windfall of...

Bit Shifter, Nullsleep and Covox - oh my!

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Hooray! I just wobbled my way back home from the excellent Data Destruction Chicago show, featuring the bands named above as well as local talent Bud Melvin, and I have to say that I had a blast. I'll surely be...

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Slumber

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I fell asleep again playing Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. I had a dream that I was in a bus, being towed home while on cross-country skis until the kindly bus driver had an aneurysm and collapsed on the steering...

Game Off

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Leaving the Game On exhibition earlier today left me feeling underwhelmed. While there's some great objects there to be fawned over, I felt there were some severe shortcomings with the exhibit. I'll surely go into some more detail in my...

Stupid two weeks

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Well, that was a trying period. I'm finally back online - at least for the moment. But hey, at least all this time off-line gave me some precious gaming time. Let me give you a brief rundown: Minish Cap -...

More On Game On

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As noted in yesterday's post, the Game On exhibit is coming to Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. What I didn't post was the informative press release (no, really!). I'm glad to see that the exhibit will take a look...


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Hey, will you look at that? GAME ON is coming to Chicago (Gamasutra, free registration required)! Yes, it's coming over from London to my little ol' city. You can bet I'm all over that like white on rice. Also, I...

Le Papier Prince

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While we here at The New Gamer talk a lot about paper craft (yes, this precedes the recent rash of paper craft news!), we rarely actually do anything about it. Well ... I rarely do anything about it. If I...

Death by Degrees and 'Alan Smithee'

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I was checking out the latest video game television ads from Japan thanks to IGN's 'Gaming Life in Japan' feature, and was quite stunned while viewing the 'Death by Degrees' commercial. Halfway through the commercial, the voiceover announces: "ALAN SMITHEE"...

Thar She Bowls

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Thanks to my internet provider Comcast, we (as in, myself and unitdaisy) were stuck offline all weekend. Yeah, real bang-up job they're doing - we've been stuck with no internet for a quarter of the frickin' month of January. Normally...

Well, that was faster than expected.

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Last night I predicted that the wait for my LucasArts Adventure Collection would be a lengthy one. Boy, did they prove me wrong. Ahh, harking back to the days where all software was distributed via Ziplock™ baggies. Hooray! Drat, it...

The Longest Journey Musings

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Going against attercob's advice (if you haven't read that article yet, I highly suggest it - if for nothing else but for his description of Syberia's main character), I purchased The Longest Journey last week. See, I had a hankering...

Do game designers burn out like rockstars?

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This is the exact question posed by Keith Stuart of The Guardian Gameblog, citing Fable (curiously, considering he is pretty adament that Fable had little to do with Molyneux), Doom 3 (odd that the same man that argues that Molyneux...

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