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Twilight Princess: Remarks on a Stalled Journey

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Since Mr. Riley's Twilight Princess article went up recently, I thought I'd chime in with my own, incomplete, thoughts on the subject...

Bits I Love About Wii Sports #1: The Boxing Audience

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I love it when I'm boxing an opponent and they hit the mat... it gives me time to find my loved ones.


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I am adding ... and subtracting.

Sam & Max: Episode 3 - 'The Mole, the Mob and the Meatball' Impressions

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We're at the halfway point and I'm getting a bit listless.

The Wii Bowling Project

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Just how does our Wii Sports bowling performance compare to our league bowling action? We intend to find out.

The Amazing Race & the Not-So-Amazing DVD Game

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Do any worthwhile DVD games exist?

JPod - The Short Film

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Five minutes in the life of a developer?

Resolute: Being a Happier Gamer in 2007

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Because I don't like what I see.

Clamshell Pause

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A while ago I remarked to Mr. LeFeuvre that my favorite aspect of the DS was the 'clamshell pause' – the ability to instantly pause your current game by just closing the handheld. He quipped back that his favorite part of the DS was the fact that it played games. Smartass.

Sam & Max Episode 2 - 'Situation: Comedy' Impressions

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Ah, this is more like it. A video game episode that came out the day it was supposed, that downloaded without any problems, and that started up with hardly a hiccup...

The Triforce Found in Chicago

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I have Zelda on the brain, thanks to Twilight Princess and all, but I was still rather surprised to see the Triforce show up on a local newsstand ad...

Miission Accomplished

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Wii have lift-off!

Broadcasting Million Dollar Mouse Clicks

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Remember the previously mentioned the Worldwide Web Games Championship? The million dollar competition is finally being broadcast.

Lamenting the Memory Card

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Ignore slot B to continue.

Weekend Activities for the Karaoke Inclined

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So you say you don't care about the PS3 or the Wii this weekend? That's fine, but it does rather limit the number of public gaming activities available to you this weekend...

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