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StarROMs Closes Its Doors

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Retroblast notes that StarROMs, the pioneering company who brought legal arcade ROMs to the general public, has shut down their site. If you head there now, all you get is the following message: Since October 2003, StarROMs has provided a...

Anyone want $5?

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$5 off a future Lik-sang purchase that is! I have a $5 coupon off of any Lik-sang order $40 or greater, and I don't have anything to import at the moment so I figured someone else may be able to...


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This wasn't mentioned in the oft-delayed Game On 2.0 article, but the best part of going down to the Museum of Science & Industry was seeing their cleverly named robot exhibit, Robots Like Us. Full to the brim with loads...

Game On 2.0

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Remember Game On, the traveling museum exhibit exploring the history of video games? Oh I certainly do. Well, Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry is relaunching Game On on February 3rd as Game On 2.0. That site just regurgitates the...

My TNG New Year's Resolutions

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I'll give you a hint: it has to do with games and this site!

Who Said We'd Have 'Toy Story'-Quality Visuals?

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Enter any forum thread 'discussing' and 'speculating' the merits of next-generation consoles and you inevitably will hear someone state that Sony said the PS2 would be pumping out visuals on par with Toy Story. This, of course, is meant to...

No update this week

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Due to personal reasons, there will be no TNG update for this week. Unedited articles are starting to pile up though, so hopefully next week there'll be an abundance of updates....

Slighted Games

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I cannot tell you how long I've waited to actually start up this feature. Unitdaisy and myself actually brainstormed it back when we conceptualized The New Gamer and every few months I'd ponder actually starting it up before moving along...

Is the year over yet? And how do you deal with consoles & living areas?

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If so, I'd like to exit the ride now please, thank you. It's been a long week, but after a grueling and sadistic move UD & myself are finally set up, back online and we will never, ever move again....

Doom doom doom

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This week will have a bit of a special update, as we'll be attending an advance screening of the celluloid version of Doom. Whether you see such an opportunity as a pleasent surprise or a punishment, well in the end...

The Cumbersome Geist

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I decided to try out Geist a bit before moving onto Silent Hill 1 proper and came away a tad frustrated. Geist poorly mangles a FPS console experience but invigorates it with a 'possession' aspect, where you (as the titular...

Kuon and That Seasonal Feeling

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I've been following this title for going on a year and a half, to the point where I'm wondering exactly why I was interested in it in the first place. Sure, it's a survival horror title that appears to have...

Site fall down, go boom, cough up a grand..

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As you may have noticed, The New Gamer has been ..wobbly the last few days. For the bulk of Oct. 5th it was simply inaccessible. So what happened? Well, around noon that day I noticed that the server was unresponsive...

I don't have Indigo Prophecy yet so I downloaded this adventure game named Acedo

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Unless I'm missing something, Acedior is the shortest demo I've ever, ever played. The demo allows you to look at two rooms, talk to two characters (one off screen) and then boots you to a 'thanks for playing!' screen. It...

9/9/05 Part 9

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Mr. Riley's just impatient - I was waiting for the day to close out proper before elaborating on how much I owe the little beige box! Simply put, if it weren't for the Dreamcast I highly doubt I would be...

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