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The ground level music in Beneath a Steel Sky reminds me of the Robocop theme song....


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Well. Despite finally receiving Resident Evil 4 I'm still rather bored gamewise. This typically happens every six months or so, where nothing I have really catches my interest. I was hoping that RE4 would grab me, but alas I just...

Resident Evil 4 is hard.

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Like the title says, it's hard. It's especially hard for a fellow like me who isn't 1) too fond of the Resident Evil franchise to begin with and 2) someone who isn't too keen on mixing strategy with action. When...


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I just went to go check my mailbox to see if Resident Evil 4 had arrived yet from Gamefly (sigh ... when will they get a Midwest distribution hub?) when I realized 'duh, it's a holiday.' Why didn't I just...

Bugs Are Viewtiful

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Worst. Bug. Ever.

Well, except for maybe that memory card erasing bug in the demo for the same game

Why We Journal

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Phew. After quite a bit more work than anticipated, The New Gamer Journal has been launched. Are you wondering what it's doing here? I'll tell you!

The Real World has a Ruleset

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Wired has a little report on incidents where gamers sense of reality starts to blur. If you're at this site, I'm sure this is nothing new for you. Who hasn't had this kind of feeling after being immersed in a...

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