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Why Should We Want Episodic Games?

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Episodic gaming's potential weaknesses, strengths, and why we should and should not give a damn (based on the wisdom of Noel Murray).

Guitar Hero 2 Chicago Release Party

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You know a game is going to be big when makeshift release parties start popping up for them...

Dressed to Rock this Demo

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I have the worst luck when it comes to pre-orders, so that's why I like Best Buy's current Guitar Hero 2 pre-order deal...

Sam & Max: Culture Shock Impressions

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Late-night thoughts, posted mid-afternoon, naturally.

Drunksaling Solo

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Alone, and on foot, searching for something in a whole lot of nothing.

Immediate Replay

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What part of Clover's magic entices me to replay their games immediately upon completion?

God Day

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I'm here to celebrate God Hand's U.S. release (and, in the same breath, point out more fantastic Okami artwork)!

Sam & Max Merch That Doesn't Require an eBay Account

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With the first new Sam & Max game in years right around the corner, I started poking around Telltale Games' site, searching for methods to drain my bank account. One of the more appealing ways appears to be...

Top Five Comfort Games

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Like food, games can provide comfort in a time of need - be it a need for something familiar or just a quick pick-me-up after a particularly distressing day. Here's a list of my current favorite stick-to-your-ribs games ...

Drunksaling Wash-Out

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Earlier this month I was marveling over the fact that this year, despite some menacing skies, we never had an entire garage sale Saturday called on account of weather. Well, this weekend Mother Nature had other plans...

Estradasphere on Tour, Zelda Cover Discovered

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While scrolling through tourb.us's upcoming Chicago show list, I saw a familiar name pop up right before my bleary eyes: Estradasphere is coming to town!

Episodic Disappointment

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Dedicated readers know that I'm a pretty big fan of Bone, the comic as well as Telltale Games' initial foray into episodic gaming. However, for some time it seemed as if the only news coming from Telltale's camp was concerning work on their upcoming Sam & Max game...

Wii All Dance?

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I didn't find anything all too surprising about Nintendo's press announcement today, at least not until I went and saw their announced game list...


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A few final bits about Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked that didn't make the article...

Okami: Paintboards & Posters

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While checking online prices for next week's release of Capcom's Okami, I saw that when you pre-order, you get a swell paintboard! Sure, its very presence causes more 'why isn't this on the DS again?' head-scratching, but...

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