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Covox Illustrated

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It's a well-known fact that we're big Covox fans around here. We can't help it - his distinct brand of chipmusic soothes us greatly...

Rule of Rose Soundtrack & Pre-Order Pains

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In what may be old news for some of you, I just realized that Atlus is offering the Rule of Rose soundtrack as a pre-order bonus when you order said game. The good? The soundtrack features Yutaka Minobe...

GameTap: Day 15

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Last night I spent more time with GameTap than I intended, allotting several precious hours to play through its varied games. Sadly, those were hours that were previously earmarked for projects that allow me to pay for its services...

Death by Numbers #1: Scrapbooking PC Games

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Last year consumers spent $1.4 billion on PC games! But did you know...

GameTap: Day One

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On paper it looks great: $9.95 a month and you can play over 600 classic (and recent) video games from a grand assortment of consoles and computers om your own desktop computer. But how great it sounds, I've been skeptical of GameTap ever since it was announced...

Idle Investigation

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I received a bit of a surprised I booted up Tomb Raider: Legend for the first time this week...

Trumpy Bot

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Oh Steambot Chronicles/Bumpy Trot. The idea of a free-roaming game that's intended to relax you appeals to me, but its control scheme seems to fight that intention with all of its might. I think Mr. Riley put it best when he said it was "like playing Katamari Damacy with a rock." It's the only game in recent memory where I seemed to mangle the controls more and more with each passing minute...

Tim Schafer Does Not Endorse Cat Ownership

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This weekend, I finally completed Tim Schafer's motorcyclist tribute Full Throttle and, while sitting through what must be the longest closing credit crawl of video game history, I noticed the following...

Paddling in Public

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Unitdaisy and I arrived at 9pm to O'Donovan's for Rockstar Games & The Onion's little Table Tennis soiree, only to find a relatively empty backroom with no consoles and a mere handful of patrons. Granted, weather in Chicago has been insufferable lately, but that didn't stop the hundred or so diners out on the pub's deck and front room, those that showed up to sup instead of play...

Ken Williams on Government & Games, Circa 1994

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I found an article this weekend, an article written in response to Congress' hearings concerning video game violence and mature subject matter. It addressed the issue of an industry policing itself versus government intervention, mused on the artistic merits of video games and pondered the responsibility game designers have towards their audience, all written from the perspective of a prominent video game publisher...

Gummy Mario, or, I'll Buy Anything

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While visiting a ice cream shoppe with the missus last night, I found a miniature Game Boy Advance, stuffed with gummies. Proving the old adage 'A fool and his money are soon parted' I handed over a dollar and brought it home.

Rockstar in Chicago

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While snacking in a local pub after some fine Saturday garage saling, I noticed the following in this week's edition of The Onion...

Classic Drunksaling: July 16th, 2005

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This week's garagesaling article reminded me that we missed out on posting a few of last year's shenanigans, one of which really didn't deserve to be neglected. That one, as pointed out in this week's write-up, was not only one of our more successful hauls, and not only did it have an additional guest tagging along with us, but that guest was one of two people who got us outside & rooting through people's garages in the first place: Red vs. Blue's Gustavo Sorola!

Prey's Sordid & Sundry History

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I'm always up for a good, in-depth read about the history behind a developer or game, regardless of whether I've actually played the games discussed or not. I haven't laid my hands on Prey yet (although the demo sits, unplayed, in a buried folder on my PC), but Apogee fan site...

The Secret of God Hand

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Since the Okami website was filled with treasure, I thought I'd see what secrets other Clover Studio project websites might contain, such as their eccentric brawler God Hand. And, while I didn't find anything as gob-smackingly good as Double God Hand Dragon, it does contain Godgame...

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