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Gamefly Review - Part 1: Signing Up

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I rarely rent games, due to the hassle of dealing with video stores and their lack of current games. But occasionally I do and when that happens, it's always a frustrating experience. So I decided to sign up with Gamefly tonight and give you guys an exact report of my experience. It's a bit more mixed than you might think. Oh, and I'll be reporting back when I get the games and at the end of my first month - just so you hear about the whole deal.

P.N. 03 Review, by Rutilcaper

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Rutilcaper once again delivers us a review, this time of a game I had been greatly anticipating - P.N. 03. Unfortunately, with it he has crushed my dreams into finely granulated sugar and spit on it to make a syrupy solution of suck.

The Power-Ups Project: Concert Review by peccaui & unitdaisy

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Surely you know by now that unitdaisy and I are big video game remix fans. We recently had the chance see a group of remix rockers known as The Power-Ups Project live. You can't get this much 8-bit goodness without a multicard.

Otogi Review, by Rutilcaper

Read 'Otogi Review, by Rutilcaper'

Rutilcaper graces us with another review, this time for the 'highly destructable' Otogi. His review is a lot wittier than this excerpt so click on through!

Ape Escape 2

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Unfortunately for you unitdaisy is out of town for a while, which means no Chi-Style Drunksaling this week. But I have a plan. Do you like monkeys? Of course you do! Read on ...

Silent Hill 3

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Helping to shake us out of our little content drought this week is Rutilcaper with his insight on a little game named Silent Hill 3. It's the bee's knees!

How Nintendo Suckered Me Out of $20 - A look at the E3 Demo Disc

Read 'How Nintendo Suckered Me Out of $20 - A look at the E3 Demo Disc'

I finally egged unitdaisy to troll around eBay for a copy of the Gamecube E3 Demo Disc - boy oh boy was it ever worth it. Read on for all the nasty, juicy details.

Lucky Wander Boy (Literature)

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In the last of our contemporary gaming literature reviews, I flip through D.B. Weiss' Lucky Wander Boy and ponder plugging in my Intellivision to get my game on with some Microsurgeon.

Masters of Doom

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In the second of our look at gaming literature we crack open Masters of Doom. Those wacky id guys make for a compelling read.

Opening the Xbox (Literature)

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Like reading about games, but can't pry that controller from your hands? We have you covered. Welcome to the first in our series of three gaming related books. And no, we aren't reviewing The Wind Waker strategy guide. This week we peer inside Opening the Xbox and see that, like the Xbox's current game library, it fails to live up to it's potential.

The Decline of Adventure Civilization

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Like adventure games? Like the old Sierra quest games, LucasArt classics like the Monkey Island series and Day of the Tentacle? Well, a few couldn't seem to let sleeping dogs lie and released The Longest Journey, Syberia and Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths. Our guest reviewer attercob wishes some would let sleeping dogs lie.

The Getaway, or How to be a Boss British Thug on Thirty Clips a Day

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Recently unitdaisy and I rented The Getaway and spent a few drunken hours laughingly slamming our PS2 controller into the ground. The end result are snippets of dialogue extracted from the frustrating experience.

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