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Smartbomb: The Quest for Art, Entertainment, and Big Bucks in the Videogame Revolution (Literature)

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Smartbomb is an engaging introduction to the events and personalities of the video game industry, but can it transcend its source material?


Read 'FEAR (PC)'

After seven+ years of living in the gutter as far as computers are concerned I finally went out of my way to buy a nice little machine. I immediately set out to play faux-survival horror FPS F.E.A.R. I can think of few better ways to christen a new computer.

Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble (NDS)

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Double Trouble's new features are enough to impress any film fan, at least until they play the game.

Space Channel 5

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Welcome to the first in our 'Slighted Games' series, where we examine, mull and reminisce about our favorite games that ended up either unfairly maligned, overshadowed or just flat-out ignored. The charismatic & exuberant rhythm game Space Channel 5 makes an excellent initial pick, as it appeared to have everything going for it before it faded from U.S. retailer shelves.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (XBOX)

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As if spelling Cthulhu wasn't onerous enough, the game sees fit to include a subtitle so long and overwrought that I feel uncomfortable even typing the whole thing out. Should that have been my first warning?

Doom (Film)

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What should one expect from a cinematic adaptation of Doom? The original video game's theme of a portal to hell opened on Mars was oft overlooked in favor for its white-knuckle first-person action and playability, and rightly so. In fact, one wonders why bringing Doom to the big screen was a desirable prospect to begin with?

Indigo Prophecy (XBOX)

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Indigo Prophecy, despite its woes, manages to be a very playable game that's just THIS CLOSE to being outstanding. For all the promise it shows, niggling self-references and lame plot twists shows that David Cage just isn't ready to play with the big boys. Better luck next time.

Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends - On Puppies and Play

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Sure the pups are cute, but can they do anything more than sit there and look pretty?

Alien Sex Fiend: Destroy All Humans! Impressions

Read 'Alien Sex Fiend: Destroy All Humans! Impressions'

For a game with such a ripe premise, it sure is a shame the execution comes off as infantile.

Still Life and the Mystery of the Unfulfilling Adventure

Read 'Still Life and the Mystery of the Unfulfilling Adventure'

There are worse things on this earth than incomplete endings. Like serial killers, or insipid puzzles and poorly articulated characters in an adventure game.

Feel the Magic: XX/XY and the Final Refrain

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Feel the Magic: XX/XY looked like just the sort of game that's up my alley: quirky, breezy and memorable. Sadly, the memories I came away with are all horrible nightmares of bosses past.

YMCK - Family Music (Audio)

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YMCK have been garnering quite a name for themselves as a band that not only partakes heavily from the NES sound library, but also as musicians who know how to blend the sounds into engaging and hooky compositions. So how does their debut album Family Music fare against the buzz?

The Effortless Play of Kirby: Canvas Curse

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Glee in painting: Never before has the loss of direct control of your character provided so much sheer fun.

Metroid Prime 2 (GCN)

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I figure every once in awhile it's proper to throw out some saucy writing about a four month old game. Or so seems to be my past precedent with these things. I'm proud to say that Metroid Prime 2 only languished on my hard drive for about four weeks. Well, it's better than six.

Zoo Keeper & the Luck of the Draw

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Ever since I first bought my DS, not one day has passed where Zoo Keeper hasn't been popped in for a bout or two. Sadly, much of that time is spent waiting to see the message 'No More Move'. Why? Roll a die and read on to find out.

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