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Lifeline (PS2)

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While it's arguably a bad idea to upload a review while drunk, sobriety accounts for only about $4% of my time. Join me on a journey of $6 pitchers of beer and USB headsets as we travel into the deep culture of Lifeline. It's fun for the whole family!

Front Mission 4 Preview Soundoff

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Like robots? Like strategy? Square-Enix brings yet another Front Mission to the table and Rutilcaper, mee Ronn and I dissect it for your pleasure.

Gungrave - Recreating the Arcade Experience

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Some may ask 'Why am I reviewing a two year old game that, by all rights I shouldn't have played in the first place?' Just call it another mysterious gift from some folks I recently neglected. That'll teach me to neglect my 'Queue'.

Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando - An Exemplary Use of Humor

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Wonder where all the funny games went? Well, take a gander over in Going Commando's direction. Boy I wish this review and byline were as funny as the game itself.

Nightshade (PS2)

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When you say ninja to me, my ears immediately perk up. The concept of ninjas battling zombie ninjas is almost too cool to be expressed. Expressed properly at least. Nightshade would seem to agree with me.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Review (GBA)

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I promised a Superstar Saga review a week ago, but I didn't promise what format it'd be in! Hey, don't yell at me - there's an answer key.

Fatal Frame 2 (PS2)

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Lesbian pseudo-incest is not a topic often broached in North America. There's probably a reason for that.

Today I put YOU in command. Fatal Frame 2: Creepy Horror Game or Fatal Frame 2: Weird Sisters Who Like Each Other Too Much?

Lowrider (PS2)

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Lowrider - Tomorrow's kitsch, TODAY! Yes, now you will believe that cars can dance, and that I can review dancing cars.

Chaos Legion (PS2)

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If I learned one thing from Chaos Legion, it's that Capcom has no problems shilling out the same game over and over. If peccaui learned one thing from Chaos Legion, it's probably not to let me handle my own updates.

Sonic Heroes Impressions (GC)

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"I'll take it from here!" "Here we go!" "This is best left to Tails." SHUT. UP.

Manhunt (PS2)

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Look at me, being all cool and uploading reviews all by my lonesome. I feel almost like a real video game writer guy! Just like how the creators of Manhunt must've felt like real, mature people when they were putting it together. My review might not have the scads of profanity and gore that Manhunt contains, but I hope you'll like it all the same!

Gamefly Review Revisited

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Due to popular demand (i.e. one incoherant IM that read 'Gams flywa???oneloxzer') I've written up a final piece on the Gamefly experience. Yes, it's been closing in on three months since my first piece on them. Time flies when you're camping out next to a post office box.

Gladius (Xbox)

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Like Strategy-based RPGs? I don't, but Rutilcaper does and he's vaguely enraptured by Gladius!

Gamefly Review: Part 2 - End Result

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After two weeks of Gamefly being in my life, I'm ready to spill my guts. Was it a nearly religious experience, or a dud?

Simpsons - Hit & Run Review (GCN)

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Simpsons fans been waiting for a game worthy of the name for years. Does Hit & Run measure up, or is it another Simpsons Wrestling?

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