"The Video Game Soundtrack of Our Lives"

June 29, 2007 By Glenn Turner


While we enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer by neglecting our writing duties, others are working hard to entertain this season. Case in point, starting this Saturday, the Chicago Cultural Center is hosting a series of chiptune concerts!

The concerts are part of the Ohm Multimedia Series, an annual series that occurs each summer in Chicago that "invites professionals from the art and music scenes, including live DJs and visual artists, to create multimedia artworks in front of an audience." This year they're focusing solely on video game-inspired music, which means Chicagoans get to see some of the finest chiptune and game-related musicians for free!

This first in the series, entitled "The Video Game Soundtrack of Our Lives", features fan-favorites Bit Shifter and Nullsleep. Also contributing are the Super 8-Bit Brothers, while local art collective MF Chicago will be providing additional beats & visuals.

Here are the nitty-gritty details:

Who: Super 8-Bit Brothers, Bit Shifter, Nullsleep, MF Chicago
What: "The Video Games Soundtrack of Our Lives"
Where: Chicago Cultural Center - 78 E. Washington St., Chicago
When: Sat June 30th - 1:30pm (early!)
$$: Free!

Upcoming events in the series feature performances from other well-known chip musicians like Bubblyfish, Mark DeNardo and many more. Check out the Chicago Cultural Center Ohm schedule for all the lurid info!

Thanks to Stuart bringing this event to our attention, without whom we'd simply be cursing the good times we missed out on. And if you don't have the fortune of living in Chicago and can't attend, well, Nullsleep just released a new album, Electric Heart Strike, available as a free download. It's the next best thing to being there!

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