Sam & Max: Episode 4 - 'Abe Lincoln Must Die' Impressions

February 22, 2007 By Glenn Turner

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If last month's episode was the seasonal dud, then this month's episode is the season's breakthrough episode. Abe Lincoln Must Die is Sam & Max's strongest Telltale foray yet: It's chock full of unbridled lunacy, absurdity and mayhem that prior episodes have been hinting at, but never quite nailing.

Sure, on the surface it doesn't deviate from the established formula: A scant three 'new' screens for our heroes to explore, Bosco is still adopting garish stereotypes and Sybil Pandemik persists in swapping careers, but this time the supporting cast are more tightly (and satisfyingly) woven into the tale. And what a tale it is. In three short hours, Sam & Max become ensconced in a lunatic presidential race featuring a giant mechanical Lincoln, end up inciting a civil war, destroy a continent, and still have time to bask in a musical number that'd make Busby Berkeley proud.

Even the puzzles feel tighter. There are nice little hints dropped in the beginning of the game that pay off later on, plus you're not bludgeoned over the head with clues but you're also not left scratching your head all too often. The game simply unfolds gracefully, leaving you to guffaw, titter and just appreciate the biting dialogue and clever scenarios.

If I have one little quibble, it's that the normally excellent (as in, hardly noticeable) soundtrack transitions between scenes are much more jarring this time around, probably because they're mixing between two more-cacophonous-than-usual tracks, but it's a small price to pay for Jared Emerson-Johnson's ever-exceptional musical stylings.

I'll bite my tongue concerning the rest of Abe Lincoln Must Die as to not spoil any more of the story, but I wouldn't be surprised if this one became my favorite of the season. It has single-handedly raised my expectations for the remaining games, and considering how strongly the season started out, that's high praise.

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