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Read 'Five Years and Counting...'

Celebrating our anniversary with a bit of self-promotion and thanks!

Read 'Simplify, Simplify!'

We're back, and we brought a new look and features with us!

Table Tennis T-Shirt Winner!

Read 'Table Tennis T-Shirt Winner!'

The winner of our first giveaway lurks inside...

Table Tennis T-Shirt Contest!

Read 'Table Tennis T-Shirt Contest!'

It's our first giveaway - attire yourself for free!

Scribbles & Rants: Recent Journal Entries

Read 'Scribbles & Rants: Recent Journal Entries'

Sierra on government involvement in gaming, Okami in eight bits, candy GBAs and even more.

Welcome to the new New Gamer

Read 'Welcome to the new New Gamer'

Refresh your browsers, empty your cache and enjoy the new look! Oh, and let me get back to playing some games. I miss them.

Secrets of The New Gamer, Revealed!

Read 'Secrets of The New Gamer, Revealed!'

Those with eagle eyes will notice something different. I'm not wearing cargo pants. Also, you might detect a slew of new names. They aren't really new. They're the same people that you've been ignoring for months now! Click through, match the names with the faces and win big prizes, such as a walk through the history of The New Gamer, and insight into our tapeworm-riddled minds!

The New Gamer has moved!

Read 'The New Gamer has moved!'

After more than several days of torment, The New Gamer has finally been migrated to its brand-new server. Good times.

If you have any problems or concerns, feel free to contact me at . Because it's hot!

Nico/Ico/Wanda and the Giant Statue?

Read 'Nico/Ico/Wanda and the Giant Statue?'

You all know that the only non-site related news we post is that concerning the brilliant Ico. Well, mee Ronn and I think we have the goods on what's going down.

The New Gamer Forums are Go

Read 'The New Gamer Forums are Go'

As you can see by the new graphic in the navigation, the forums are go. Featuring a custom Movable Type plugin, all of our articles are crossposted and comments are tied to the detailed article pages. Oh yeah, and it's a forum where all sorts of gaming conversing go! I'll be modifying a few things here and there, but pop on by and let us know what you think!


Read 'Crunchtime.'

Normal updates will resume shortly. In other news, we are looking for contributors with a unique voice and opinion on gaming in the here and now. If interested, please contact us.

One Year Ago...

Read 'One Year Ago...'

On March 3rd, 2003 thenewsite launched, changing the world of roughly four or five people. In this special news update I get a little tipsy, slur my words and get a bit misty!

Read ''

I think the title says it all. We have a brand new Multitap but I'm far too tired to polish it up right now. Consider this a placeholder where you can <WITTY_QUIP> or <SMARTASS_COMMENT> until my lazy ass wakes up. Until then, <INSULT> me.

Sorry, I just woke up.

Read 'Sorry, I just woke up.'

Err, hello. We're back from vacation. Just wanted to let you know. Hmm ... I should take a shower. Oh yeah, I remember now what I wanted to tell you - I'm posting another drunksaling tonight. Yeah. Ok bye.

Is Ico 2 About to be Revealed?

Read 'Is Ico 2 About to be Revealed?'

What could make Thanksgiving better than an announcement about Ico 2?

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