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Read 'Guitar Hero: 80's Edition - Fade Out'

Playing for the studio, or playing for the fans?

Read 'Come In & Play: An Art of Play Chicago Exhibit'

Less playful than the title indicates.

Read 'Cake Mania & Managing Quality of Life'

Cake Mania is no Recipe for Success.

Read 'Puzzle Quest - Matching for Closure'

Waiting for the final gem to fall.

Read 'WarioWare: Smooth Moves - At a Moment's Pose'

Heightened gaming vignettes.

The New Gamer 2006 Retrospective

Read 'The New Gamer 2006 Retrospective'

Our fourth annual retrospective finds us a little older, a little wiser and decisively more fragmented about this year's gaming experiences.

Tomb Raider: Legend - The Many Deaths of Lara Croft

Read 'Tomb Raider: Legend - The Many Deaths of Lara Croft'

Where is the spark in Lara's death throes?

International Chiptune Resistance Tour 2006 - Chicago Remarks

Read 'International Chiptune Resistance Tour 2006 - Chicago Remarks'

Feel the allure of the chiptune faction.

Silent Hill - The Film: A Roundtable for Pyramid Head

Read 'Silent Hill - The Film: A Roundtable for Pyramid Head'

Which realm does Christophe Gans' celluloid adaptation of Silent Hill fall under: normal, foggy or nightmare? Mr. Riley and Mr. Turner debate this, and more, in the following roundtable.

Guitar Hero & the Joy of Pretense

Read 'Guitar Hero & the Joy of Pretense'

It is simply instrumental.

Game On 2.0

Read 'Game On 2.0'

The international travelling video game exhibit is back in Chicago, marketed as a 2.0 revision. We put the show through its paces to decide whether it's worth another day's dime, or whether you should wait for 3.0.

Game On 2.0 Image Gallery

Read 'Game On 2.0 Image Gallery'

Don't live in Chicago or are afraid of underground travel, unable to brave the subway or the Museum of Science & Industry's parking lot? We have you covered with a gallery of approximately 99 photos of revised video game history fun.

The New Gamer 2005 Gaming Retrospective

Read 'The New Gamer 2005 Gaming Retrospective'

In our third annual retrospective, we reminisce over our favorite, most unpleasant and most memorable gaming experiences and find the year 2005 to have been relatively lackluster. Read along to find out why, and just who is responsible for our ennui.

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