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July 5, 2008Glenn Turner

We're back on the streets of Chicago, pawing through strangers' garages in search for game and geek-based treasure! Need to catch up on prior garagesaling exploits? Check out the archives!

Glenn: Next time I'm sick and want to go wandering around Chicago for several hours, baking in the swamp-like humidity, slap me.

unitdaisy: I did think it unwise, but you clearly verbalized your wish to explore the unknown and swampy.

Glenn: I don't remember much about this week, apart from feeling like I was moving underwater and everything and everyone was swimming slowly around me so ... I'm going to need a little help here.

unitdaisy: We went to a neighborhood sale. They supplied a nearly useless map, and most of the sales were streets and streets away from one another. Not very neighborly if you ask me. No wonder you were disoriented.

Glenn: Sale ... so far away ... *schhhhhnnnckl*

Glenn: Game Boy games!! I hope they have Super Mario Advance 2. I want to play Super Mario Advance 2 on the couch. With some soup. And pillows. Lots of pillows.

unitdaisy: The cracking young entrepreneurs didn't think ahead to have change on hand...

Glenn: Change? What do you want me to change? What does that have to do with my $20 bill?

unitdaisy: ...plunging my poor cotton-brained companion into despair.

unitdaisy: I thought these shiny mechanical people would make good friends for sick people. Even through delirium, I was firmly corrected.

Glenn: Jiggers and a horse's ass. What was I thinking?

unitdaisy: I dare not suggest.

Glenn: That Rocktober towel might go well with some technyquil.

unitdaisy: You will not find any of that in our house. Our house which has no room for Rocktober towels either.

Glenn: To alleviate sinus pain, take two of these and call Dr. Mario in the morning.

unitdaisy: Vindication! I am saving the world one sick person at a time when I play Dr. Mario for hours!

Glenn: I can't play these on the couch.

unitdaisy: Unhelpful games, shame on them for being inaccessible from a prone position.

Glenn: Poor orphaned controllers. Someone will find you a nice home.

unitdaisy: Not our home! He gets a little sick and suddenly every lost puppy and controller plays on his sympathies.

Glenn: Doggie Robot, can you make me feel better?

unitdaisy: See?

Glenn: The owl was the last straw.

unitdaisy: Indeed and although you were quite a trooper (I was worried). It was time to retire to the gentle comfort of sleeper sofa and pillows.

3 comments for ‘Saling Chicago: Street Sick’

#1 jt-3d Jul 23, 2008 08:11pm

It's a true saling aficionado who soldiers on through illness, all for our amusement. Good thing Daisy was there to prop you up though.

I assume flickr is having issues and that's why half the pictures aren't working.

#2 Anne Packrat Jul 30, 2008 12:35pm

I hope you picked up those Micronauts toys! They're definitely worth something!

Anne Packrat

"Nod your head like you understand, and if stuff starts blowing up, run like hell."

#3 Anonymous Jan 22, 2009 11:36pm

OMG!!! I want some of those games!Hell I'll take them all except for the star wars and the pokemon. OMG i especially want the mario games!!!