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May 12, 2008Glenn Turner

LinkUp is a recurring collection of off-beat, game-related articles. If you'd like to send along a link, please contact us!

Music Bounce - This Flash-based hybrid of Breakout and a music tracker UI is perhaps one of the most inventive fusions of level design and music I've played in some time. Oh, and it's fun too! [via Jay Is Games]

Youth Game Pranking - Alistair Wallis' article on the game-based pranks a childhood friend played on him as a kid reminded me of a great many things. For one, it's been years since I even thought about Star Goose or Baal (although I didn't have half the patience with them as he did), which was nice. Secondly, but most vividly, it reminded me of an old This American Life act where author Jon Ronson interviews his old schoolmates about an incident where he was tossed into a lake. Turns out, most of them thought he deserved it.

Captain N: Valiant Comic Book Alphabet of Cool - N - Comics Should Be Good! examines ex-publisher Valiant's adaptations of the animated Captain N series. Like them, I'm surprised at the folks that worked on these. Joe "Marvel Editor-in-Chief" Quesada pencilling metroids? Wow.

Return of the Pac-Man Grenades - Peter Gronquist has refined his prior I am 8-bit Pac-Man hand grenades to a golden sheen (and stuck them with an impressive $350 price tag). Gronquist also previously produced a set of chromed and framed NES Zappers for I am 8-bit. The Zappers, entitled 'Pistols @ Dawn', were equally awesome.

Writers and (non-gaming) Critics on GTA4 - The Guardian asks three eloquent 'GTA novices' to spend some time in Liberty City, and report their experiences. While I don't agree with all of their interpretations, I'm quite enamored with vast sections of Peter Conrad's interpretation, especially the bits on Hitchcock.

Lollipop: Selling GTA4 - Please excuse the self-link but I noticed an odd, minor, discrepancy concerning some GTA4 advertisements. Check out the GTA4 pre-order 'Lollipop Girl' postcard I picked up from Gamestop months ago, and the more recent images of 'Lollipop Girl' that have adorned GTA4 wallpapers, the GTA4 PS3 Special Edition disc and apartment buildings. The image on the left is the postcard, the image on the right is ...everywhere else. I'll give you a hint: it's not the background.

Gold Farmers: The Documentary - Lastly, Regine from We Make Money Not Art examines and discusses Ge Jin's documentary on Chinese gold farmers. The documentary itself looks quite interesting, even if the trailer's a little homespun.

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