March 12, 2008Glenn Turner

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Chip and Veronica - Cecropia, best known as the company behind the intriguing but ill-fated arcade-based comedy game The Act, is still pursuing interactive comedy, but now they're taking it to the browser instead of an arcade cabinet. Check out their Flash-based concept named 'Chip and Veronica' at cecropia.com. For such a small scene, it's surprisingly endearing. [via MetaFilter]

Sandwich Hill - Horribleville visits Silent Hill and discovers the guilty horrors of sandwich theft. [via Mr. LeFeuvre]

Chiptuned SXSW - According to one of my favorite music blogs, Keytars & Violins, this year's South By Southwest has quite a number of chiptune artists performing as the second part of a one-two combo punch with the premiere of 2 Player Productions' Reformat the Planet chiptune documentary. Feel like you're there by visiting his site for a sampling, and make sure not to miss the absolutely epic Aonomi track.

Johan Agebjörn - Mega Man II Remix - Johan Agebjörn (whose Neo-Italo disco side-project Sally Shapiro you may have heard of), has just released 'Spacer Women From Mars', a 12" that mostly features Sally Shapiro work. However, a vibrant solo remix of the Mega Man II theme is included at the tail-end of the album, and it manages to steal the show. Think it can't get any better? Check out the exquisitely crafted video for the remix below:

W. James Au, Second Life at etech08 - Art blog We Make Money Not Art details Mr. Au's etech08 lecture, including musings on why Second Life is still kicking – and growing – despite all of the last year's pessimism towards the service. An interesting read, especially the (unfortunately terse) bit about the area of Second Life known as Kowloon.

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