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Game On 2.0 Image Gallery

February 8, 2006 By Glenn Turner

Game On, the historical video game exhibit from Edinburgh, Scotland has been relaunched and rebranded as 'Game On 2.0' at Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry. While I'd call it more of a bug fix or patch than an outright revision, there was enough of interest to snap close to 100 photos of the exhibit, photos which have been posted here, just in case you can't afford a dirigible ticket to Chicago, or are too weary of hitching a ride via horse & buggy in this day and age.

A full write-up of this Game On is available, and if you missed our coverage of last year's show then feel free to peruse our review and now-obsolete 1.0 picture gallery. Otherwise, continue onwards to the gallery!

Game On 2.0 Image Gallery Index

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#1 R. LeFeuvre Feb 8, 2006 05:26pm

Nice stuff! I guess I never mentioned it.. but I attended Game On "1.0" when it came to San Jose. Many of the displays you now see behind glass were already behind glass when it got to my town. You are so spoiled in Chicago!

HOLY CRAP - Four player warlords is like the game that gave me the lust I have for multiplayer video games.
Time to plug in the 2600!

How can you look at that and not want a Doko Demo game (especially with Toro (the white cat)) to come to the states!?

Oh man! The GameTrak was strange... mostly because the demo games were TERRIBLE. I have a hard time seeing it outside of a display case, though. Poor new fangled Power Glove.
Also, above it I see the vile Animal Crossing! Well, it's Doubutsu no Mori Plus, but that's merely the Japanese version. I finally overpowered the GameCube game (which corrupted me so much that I bought an e-Reader for (you can see the e-Reader AC cards in that picture)) and now the DS game has me in its cold hard grasp.

You know Turner, if you want to play the game you just have to go the Classic Game Expo. Or if it's a good year, California Extreme. Oh yeah, those are both only in California. Sucker.

Hells yeah. Now they add Guardian Heroes and D&D Shadow over Mystara and we are GOOD TO GO.

When you got the high score in Berzerk did you jump on the machine a let the world know how awesome you were? Because that's the way that stuff is done in the Arcade underground.

Suggesting that people use the Steel Battalion uber controller gently mocks its existence! It's the cockpit of a 50 foot mecha, you gotta use it like one!

The Dreamcast homebrew game... wtf. Should have been robotfindskitten.


I find it oddly appropriate that Dirty Disc errors are now part of a gaming exhibit.

#2 KillerTeddy Feb 8, 2006 05:31pm

Oh man. That all looks so sweet. I've always wanted to play some of those games, but you can never find some of those systems, let alone the game.